The Saudi Binladin Group is in business to provide construction services to a worldwide employer base and is capable of undertaking major turnkey contracts. The company policy is to deliver services in conformance with contract requirements, on time, defect free and at competitive prices to our customers, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

The nature of the Group's business places particular emphasis on experience, expertise and quality of service. To this end, all employees of the Saudi Binladin Group are individually responsible for the quality of the tasks they perform. The Saudi Binladin Group culture is to move the emphasis from detection of defects to their prevention. To this end the group has concentrated their efforts onto efficient planning and sourcing, with effective monitoring of events.

In order to achieve these aims, the Saudi Binladin Group maintains an effective and efficient system planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions. The quality system described in this project quality plan, and to which the Saudi Binladin Group is committed, is designed to meet the applicable requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


Saudi Binladin Group holds a firm and published commitment to maintaining to safe and
healthy working condition on each and every project site. That commitment, expressed in the
SBG Corporate Health and Safely Program, acknowledges that Safety is a management
responsibility, to be effectively administered at all levels through training and personal
concern for the well being of our employees, those of our client and our subcontractors, and
for all personal and public property involved.
Through the Construction Health and Safety Manual, structured specifically for the project,
we commit to implementing that Program and that philosophy.
The Project Safety plan has been adopted from the SBG Corporate Health and safety plan
and further incorporates and adheres to all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and
contractual terms required for the project. The Project Manager and Safety Manager put forth
every effort to fully implement the Safety Program, their goal being the complete elimination
of jobsite injury, occupational sickness and damage to property. The client representative
indicates his firm's approval of the adapted Program and its compliance with contractual
terms of the contract.