Gulf Cobla (Limited Liability Company) is specialized in dredging and reclamation works. Formed in 1977, it has undertaken numerous challenging ventures in the Middle East region.

Their main scope of operations is to provide dredging and land reclamation services such as capital dredging, land reclamation, stockpiling, maintenance dredging, and trench dredging and backfilling activities. Other services that we can provide are hydro-graphic survey activities and marine charters of available resources.

Gulf Cobla has historically been involved with a substantial number of major projects involving the interface between land and sea throughout the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC-member countries. Recent activities include involvement with a few major projects as well as numerous smaller projects for both private as well as governmental clients.

Gulf Cobla’s biggest project to date has been the dredging of Mina Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the largest man-made port in the world, on a contract awarded by the late His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum then Ruler of Dubai.

Since its formation, Gulf Cobla has been involved with dredging and related activities and around 285,000,000 m3 in varying grades and consistencies of materials has been dredged in different geographical locations like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Iran, Libya, Seychelles, Qatar and the Maldives.

In the last ten years more than 60 Million m3 of sand as well as rock have been dredged, with a maximum project size of 10 Million m3 in a single contract and an average project size of about 600,000 m3 per project.

Through these numbers, Gulf Cobla proofs that their strength lies in undertaking medium size dredging and land reclamation works with compatible dredging rates and high flexibility, however, they are well capable of undertaking the bigger projects as well.

The major dredge equipment owned by Gulf Cobla are 3 cutter suction dredgers namely “Khaleej Bay” (6,170 Hp installed), “Garhoud Bay” & “Deira Bay” (each has 3,500 Hp installed). Apart from that, the company operates a booster station “Masafi Bay” (2,250 Hp installed) to extend their discharging reach and a suction dredge pump (350 Hp) for small scale dredging activities. To support such dredge equipment Gulf Cobla own a fleet of auxiliary equipment (marine and land) to be self supporting and to be able to independently execute dredging and discharging activities.

Overall, Gulf Cobla has the manpower, equipment and experience to undertake any dredging and land reclamation project with confidence, assuring the Client a quality product for a competitive price delivered in time. Your project, our services!