The Saudi Binladin Group is in business to provide construction services to a worldwide employer base and is capable of undertaking major turnkey contracts. The company policy is to deliver services in conformance with contract requirements, on time, defect free and at competitive prices to our customers, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

The nature of the Group's business places particular emphasis on experience, expertise and quality of service. To this end, all employees of the Saudi Binladin Group are individually responsible for the quality of the tasks they perform. The Saudi Binladin Group culture is to move the emphasis from detection of defects to their prevention. To this end the group has concentrated their efforts onto efficient planning and sourcing, with effective monitoring of events.

In order to achieve these aims, the Saudi Binladin Group maintains an effective and efficient system planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions. The quality system described in this project quality plan, and to which the Saudi Binladin Group is committed, is designed to meet the applicable requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


Saudi Binladin Group holds a firm and published commitment to maintaining to safe and
healthy working condition on each and every project site. That commitment, expressed in the
SBG Corporate Health and Safely Program, acknowledges that Safety is a management
responsibility, to be effectively administered at all levels through training and personal
concern for the well being of our employees, those of our client and our subcontractors, and
for all personal and public property involved.
Through the Construction Health and Safety Manual, structured specifically for the project,
we commit to implementing that Program and that philosophy.
The Project Safety plan has been adopted from the SBG Corporate Health and safety plan
and further incorporates and adheres to all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and
contractual terms required for the project. The Project Manager and Safety Manager put forth
every effort to fully implement the Safety Program, their goal being the complete elimination
of jobsite injury, occupational sickness and damage to property. The client representative
indicates his firm's approval of the adapted Program and its compliance with contractual
terms of the contract.

ISO Certificate

IRF Honors Saudi Binladin Group for their project Jamarat Bridge & Surrounding Area

The International Road Federation (IRF) has announced the winners of the 2009 Global Road Achievement
Awards (GRAA) Competition. The 2009 awards honor 11 projects from 8 different countries around the world,
each leading the way in excellence in its respective area of the road industry.

The GRAA program was founded in 2000 to recognize leading projects and organizations from around the world.
The IRF Awards Program publicizes to the world the innovative, practical, creative, cost saving and sustainable
solutions the road industry provides to societies and economies across the world.

Winners of this year's GRAA will be presented to hundreds of high-level government officials, top executives, and
other road industry professionals at IRF's 2010 Annual Awards Luncheon being held Monday, January 11, 2010 at
the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.

Founded in 1948, the International Road Federation (IRF) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with
members from both the public and private sectors in 90 countries worldwide. IRF promotes the development and
maintenance of better, safer roads and road networks throughout the world, using technological solutions and
management practices that provide maximum economic and social returns from road investment.

Category: Construction Methodology (Jamarat Bridge & Surrounding Area)
Category: Research (Jamarat Bridge & Surrounding Area)

The Saudi Binladin Group receives two IRF awards for the Al Qassim-Al Madinah-Yanbu-Rabigh Expressway

The Saudi Binladin Group receives two IRF awards for the Al Qassim-Al Madinah-Yanbu-Rabigh Expressway
project, in the categories of Construction Methodology and Innovative Finance during the 15th IRF World Meeting
held in Thailand on October 2005.

IRF Innovative Finance Award is given to organizations that enable road development to take place from funding
sources that are different from traditional government or institutional money streams. Although government and
institutional funding can be part of the mix for entries in this category, priority is given to entries that demonstrate
innovative approaches in this field. An award will be evaluated on demonstrated success in constructing,
operating, and/or managing a project or program in a cost effective/profitable manner.

IRF Construction Methodology Award demonstrates significant achievements in construction that enhance the
quality, timeliness, cost effectiveness, safety, and/or efficiency in the construction means, methods and delivery on
road development projects. An award will seek to recognize those entrants who demonstrate effective
construction strategies that can be replicated or serve as examples to advance the process of road construction


Public Buildings & Airport Division
Infrastructure Work Division
Special Buildings Division
Architectural and Construction Division
Industrial and Power Project Division
Operating and Maintenance Division
Telecommunications, Security and Low-current Division
Petrochemical and Mining Division

Gulf Cobla (Limited Liability Company) is specialized in dredging and reclamation works.
Formed in 1977, it has undertaken numerous challenging ventures in the Middle East region.
Our main scope of operations is to provide dredging and discharging services such as capital
dredging, reclamation, stockpiling, maintenance dredging, trench dredging and backfilling
activities. Other services that we provide are, survey activities (hydrographic and bathymetric),
hire out of plant & equipment (long term as well as short term) and hire out of personnel.

Ownership of Gulf Cobla is as follows:

Dubai Transport Company (DUTCO) L.L.C. (a founding member), a Dubai registered company
wholly owned by U.A.E. nationals, holds 51 % of the share capital in the company. DUTCO
group of companies offer a wide-range of services to the civil engineering, construction and
engineering sectors.

Saudi Bin Ladin Group - Dubai (SBG), holds the remaining 49 % share capital since 1990.
This group of contractors is known for its established works in buildings and structures, roads
and airfields, water and sewerage, electro-mechanical works, operation and maintenance and
general works.

Gulf Cobla's offices have been established in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai),
and The Netherlands. The head office, as well as a support yard depot is located at Al Jadaf
Dockyard, Dubai. A services branch is maintained in the Netherlands. Gulf Cobla and its
predecessor have, since 1965, played a key role as a contractor in some of the significant
transformations at the land-water interfaces in the U.A.E. and other regional countries.