Gulf Cobla (Limited Liability Company) is specialized in dredging and reclamation works.
Formed in 1977, it has undertaken numerous challenging ventures in the Middle East region.
Our main scope of operations is to provide dredging and discharging services such as capital
dredging, reclamation, stockpiling, maintenance dredging, trench dredging and backfilling
activities. Other services that we provide are, survey activities (hydrographic and bathymetric),
hire out of plant & equipment (long term as well as short term) and hire out of personnel.

Ownership of Gulf Cobla is as follows:

Dubai Transport Company (DUTCO) L.L.C. (a founding member), a Dubai registered company
wholly owned by U.A.E. nationals, holds 51 % of the share capital in the company. DUTCO
group of companies offer a wide-range of services to the civil engineering, construction and
engineering sectors.

Saudi Bin Ladin Group - Dubai (SBG), holds the remaining 49 % share capital since 1990.
This group of contractors is known for its established works in buildings and structures, roads
and airfields, water and sewerage, electro-mechanical works, operation and maintenance and
general works.

Gulf Cobla's offices have been established in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai),
and The Netherlands. The head office, as well as a support yard depot is located at Al Jadaf
Dockyard, Dubai. A services branch is maintained in the Netherlands. Gulf Cobla and its
predecessor have, since 1965, played a key role as a contractor in some of the significant
transformations at the land-water interfaces in the U.A.E. and other regional countries.