Public Buildings & Airports Division (PBAD) is one of the most active
divisions of the SAUDI BINLADIN GROUP incorporated in 1967 and
diversified into construction activities in U.A.E during 1971 as well as in
K.S.A in 1981.

The PBA Division is highly competitive and has under taken various projects in Roads, Bridges,
Airports, Hospitals, Universities, Large Housing projects, Residential & Commercial buildings and
High-Rise Towers, etc.Including all Infrastructure and Electro Mechanical Works.

The PBA Division is very well known for its speed of mobilizing and execution of projects. We have the
capacity and capability to undertake any project, any time and prepared for fresh challenges aligned to
its inherent and established qualities, resources and above all expertise.

The yearly turn over of the Division is around USD 800 million. All divisions of PBAD has ISO 9001:
2008 Certification and Quality programmes maintained.

Mohammed Awad Binladin

The history of Binladin begins in 1931. During the early years under the reign of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud,
Mohammed Binladin Organization was formed as a general Contracting Company. The company's
construction activities expanded under number of autonomous operating divisions in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia and as well as internationally.

As years rolled by, the late Salem M. Binladin diversified and expanded the Company activities from civil
construction into an organization of diverse global activities. To further stand new challenges on an
international scale, Saudi Binladin Group was recently established to incorporate various divisions into a
corporation.One of the divisions that has played a leading role in SBG is Public Buildings and Airports. It
is a vital member of SBG, whose experienced management and workforce are dedicated to continue this progress in the years ahead.

SBG emphasizes on quality as the main objective in all of its endeavors. Projects completed
increment our list of satisfied clientele gaining full trust and confidence, so when SBG decides
to undertake a project, it will be achieved with the highest degree of professionalism and
quality. It is SBG quality management philosophy to offer its Customers, clients, consultants
quality, efficiency and complete satisfaction at a reasonable competitive price.

Letter from the Chairman

As a first time participant of MAPIC, it is our privilege to lead you through Sama Dubai and acquaint you with its steadily growing global footprint of prestigious retail offerings.

Sama Dubai is an international real estate investment and development company with the vision to be among the top five master developers in the world by creating a world-class portfolio of partners, properties and investments that distinguishes us as the market leader.

We believe that to create the environments where people most love to belong we must pay very close attention to the role of retail within our mixed-use offerings. This philosophy is central to everything we do.

Our distinctive range of projects includes exclusive corporate towers, under the Dubai Towers brand, large-scale resorts, under the Salam brand, master-planned developments and more. With a project portfolio, a footprint spanning across the Middle East and plans to surge into new high-growth markets, Sama Dubai has the vision and wherewithal to make a positive impact on the retail and real estate industry in any market that we enter.

We are proud to be associated with MAPIC 2008, where we look forward to showcasing our portfolio of distinctive multibillion dollar projects at this important event. We are delighted to share with you our customer-centric projects, as well as our retail and real estate solutions that touch all aspects of our stakeholders' lives.

Yours Sincerely

Engr. Bakr Mohammed Binladin
Chairman of the Board
Saudi Binladin Group

We recognize our primary asset our employees. We provide opportunity and encouragement
to help our employees reach their potential. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual
respect provides the foundation for our success.

Board of Directors
  • Engr. Bakr M. Binladin
  • Eng. Omar M. Binladin
    Executive Board Member &
    Chief Executive Officer,(Asia Pacific)
  • Engr. Yahia M. Binladin
    Executive Vice President
  • Mr. Abu Bakr S. Al Hamid
    Managing Director
  • Mr. Saad Mohamed Binladen
    Managing Director
  • Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Binladen
    Managing Director
  • Engr. Hasan M. Binladin
    Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Ahmed M. Binladin
    Managing Director



Our current manpower strength is approximately 22,000 which includes engineers, architects,
technical and administrative staff, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers.

Plant & Equipment

The plant and equipment available with us are unequaled amongst any competitor in the
Middle East. Upgrading of plant and machinery, workshops and work areas are part of the
company's endeavor. We have fully functional Asphalt Plants, Precast Facilities, Carpentry
Workshops, Mechanical, HVAC and Duct Fabrication Workshops, Marine Equipment &
Transport, Piling Rigs and fully equipped and adequately staffed Laboratories in several
locations in the Middle East.